Tens of Millions of Nigerians Lack Access to Clean Water

WaterAid pic
Image: wateraid.org

Headquartered in Canada, Ambit Energy Corporation focuses on high-potential oil and gas projects in Nigeria. Committed to the communities in which it operates, Ambit Energy Corporation also works to improve Nigerians’ access to potable drinking water. According to statistics from WaterAid Nigeria, a UK-based charitable organization, over 63 million Nigerians lack access to safe water.

Together with nongovernmental agencies, the Nigerian government has made efforts to deliver clean drinking water to Nigerian citizens. Despite these efforts, many Nigerians still rely on water from wells or boreholes. In some cases, this water may contain harmful heavy minerals, such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, and others.

In addition to lacking safe drinking water, two-thirds of the Nigerian population, or more than 112 million citizens, do not have adequate sanitation available to them. The widespread lack of safe water and sanitation results in the death of in excess of 97,000 Nigerian children each year.


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