Nigeria – The Niger Delta Basin

Niger Delta Basin pic
Niger Delta Basin

The Niger Delta Basin is an important part of Nigeria’s natural beauty and resource wealth, and companies like Ambit Energy Corporation are working to help the nation discover and produce oil and gas from that region of the country. Ambit Energy Corporation maintains an active interest in the Niger Delta Basin for its proven reserves, which constitute an estimated 34 billion barrels of oil.

Basins are large areas of the Earth that form a depression. They can be above- or underground and are created by a variety of natural processes, including earthquakes and erosion. Several types of basins exist, but the Niger Delta Basin in particular falls under the “structural basin” category.

Structural basins occur when tectonic plates move, causing some rocks to fall and others to rise, eventually creating a basin. Within the category of structural basins are sub-categories like sedimentary and lake basins. The Niger Delta Basin falls into the former.

Sedimentary basins look less like bowls and more like long trenches, and over the eons, those trenches tend to collect organic and inorganic matter. The organic matter eventually develops into petroleum and natural gas, making sedimentary basins a key source of wealth in nations like Nigeria.


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