A Look at Conventional and Unconventional Natural Gas

Ambit Energy Corporation pic
Ambit Energy Corporation
Image: ambitenergycorp.com

Ambit Energy Corporation is a firm based out of Calgary, Canada which aims to be a competitive company in the West African energy sector. With interests in the Niger Delta Basin, Ambit Energy Corporation focuses on crude oil and natural gas exploration.

Natural gas is a fossil fuel commonly used for heating and for powering vehicles. Depending on where it is discovered and how it is harvested, natural gas can either fall into the category of conventional or unconventional. Natural gas is considered conventional if it is trapped beneath rock near enough to the earth’s surface that it can be extracted through traditional well-drilling methods.

Unconventional natural gas occurs when the ability to extract the resource is hindered by its location in the earth. Deep natural gas is considered to be unconventional because it rests at 15,000 feet or more below ground. Likewise, shale is considered to be an unconventional natural gas because it requires the use of high-pressure hydraulic fracturing to break through the uncharacteristically hard stone that encases it. Another unconventional type, coalbed methane, is a natural gas only found around coal seams in the earth.


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