How Geoscientists Identify Buried Oil and Gas Reserves

Ambit Energy Corporation pic
Ambit Energy Corporation

Headquartered in Canada, Ambit Energy Corporation also maintains offices in the United Kingdom and Nigeria. Ambit Energy Corporation relies on the expertise of geoscientists to carry out its oil and gas explorations.

Geoscientists dedicate their careers to exploring the earth’s natural processes. Many are employed by companies in the oil and gas industry to gather field and laboratory data essential for identifying buried reserves.

To locate trapped oil and gas, geoscientists look for source rock that contains organic matter that has been compressed to emit hydrocarbons and heated to a level causing the release of oil and gas. Source rock made of coal is ideal because it releases the most natural gas. Geoscientists also look for porous and permeable reservoir rock that have a cap rock. A cap rock, such as impermeable clay or salt deposit, has the ability to store hydrocarbons within reservoir rocks. In the same respect, rocks must contain a trap to seal in oil and gas. In identifying these factors, geoscientists can advise exploration companies on exact locations to drill boreholes to extract oils and gases.


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