Energy – Natural Gas

Ambit Energy Corporation pic
Ambit Energy Corporation

Ambit Energy Corporation, an oil and natural gas exploration firm based in Canada, focuses on natural resource extraction initiatives in West Africa. Ambit Energy Corporation’s initial project aims to discover and extract oil and gas from the Niger Delta Basin.

Among the most important sources of energy used throughout the world, natural gas is composed of a variety of hydrocarbons that can be burned to generate electricity and heat as well as power cars. To gain access to natural gas, companies must free it from the confines of rock reservoirs that trap it underground. They can do so by drilling and by relying on innovative hydraulic fracturing solutions.

There are a number of benefits to relying on natural gas over other petroleum resources. For example, natural gas has lower harmful emissions of compounds like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide than alternative fuels like gasoline.

Some countries with high natural gas production rates relative to other countries in their regions include the United States, Russia, China, Iran, and Nigeria.


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