Oil Producer Looks to Demonstrate New Business Model in Africa

Ambit Energy Corporation pic
Ambit Energy Corporation
Image: ambitenergycorp.com

Ambit Energy Corporation is currently working to expand oil operations throughout West Africa, using the oil fields of Nigeria as a foundation for its own unique business model. This model is built not only on the prior expertise of Ambit Energy Corporation’s CEO and founder Tunde Agbi, but also on his dual Canadian-Nigerian citizenship.

Mr. Agbi’s citizenship status allows his company to headquarter itself in Canada while also being exempt from many restrictions imposed by Nigeria on its oil exports. As a result of these connections, Ambit promises not only to double the returns on shareholder investments compared to its competitors, but to develop strong ties with a key exporter, which can expand into resource opportunities with other potential partners in the region.

Mr. Agbi has already demonstrated his ability to change the landscape of oil production. Under his leadership, Ambit Energy Corporation is prepared to establish a new standard for African oil production.


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